Welcome to Foredaboys Apparel

Welcome to Foredaboys Apparel

Our Story

Foredaboys Apparel was founded in Ontario, Canada, after I was inspired by my nephew and a couple of his friends. They love to golf and have fun and wanted to take their passion for the game to social media, launching their channels under the handle @Foredaboys_golf.   

Now, you may be asking, “Where does the name Foredaboys come from?” The “fore” is a self-explanatory pun–if you know about golf. In case you don’t, shouting “fore!” warns other golfers that a golf ball is headed in their direction. “Fore” is how we bring golf inspiration into the name; it’s not to be taken literally as a warning! The “daboys” portion is an urban way of saying “the boys.” This is a common phrase that “boys” (young and old) use almost anywhere: “Let’s go, boys,” “Here we go, boys,” etc.  The end result is Foredaboys, which is a fun, modern way to say “for the boys.” 

With a name chosen for their social media channel, they began to shoot golf-inspired videos.  However, there was something missing. Like many other social media brands, they too wanted to create their own golf clothing. However, creating an apparel brand has numerous challenges, and the primary one is investing the time required to build a foundation for a brand entering a very competitive market. 

As their social media presence grew, their success took up more of their time, but I loved their idea of creating a golf-inspired clothing brand, and I wanted to do what I could to help it succeed. As a result, I had the opportunity to launch Foredaboys Apparel. This was truly a blessing because it allowed me to create a business based on something I love to do–play golf–and support my nephew and his friends with their digital marketing platform. From these humble beginnings, Foredaboys Apparel was founded.

Thank you for visiting Foredaboys Apparel.

Foredaboys Apparel

  • Elevate your style on and off the course
  • Look good, and feel comfortable in the latest casual clothing for men
  • Get noticed for all the right reasons

We relate–as golfers ourselves, quality products are the foundation of Foredaboys apparel. 

Golf and Casual Clothing for Men

At Foredaboys, we’re passionate golfers who believe in looking your best while doing your best. We aspire to help anyone–those who golf, and those who don’t–feel confident in how they look.  It’s our goal to provide high quality, comfortable, stylish apparel for every day, for any occasion, for(e) anyone.  


The Story Behind Our Logo

Although the word eagle is synonymous with golf and would already be very fitting for a golf-inspired clothing brand, the connection goes further than that. Our specific design is inspired by the Golden Eagle, one of Ontario, Canada’s largest and most powerful birds. Since Foredaboys Apparel was founded right here in Ontario, the Golden Eagle was ideal.

Eagles are powerful, independent, and strong. We felt that these characteristics capture the essence of what Foredaboys Apparel represents as a clothing brand.  

We love our logo, and we hope you do too!